What kind of maintenance do wooden frames need?

Based on the developed standards of frame- varnishes technology used by WIND-DOORS, timber is protected throughout years with an easy but essential maintenance procedure: We provide our customers with the necessary product of varnish enhancement from the RENNER coating line. The fluid must be spread onto the wooden surface with a soft fabric. This process is repeated once a year in an environmental temperature of over 10 degrees Celsius.

Do you manufacture only standardized products?

Absolutely not! We offer a vast variety of constructional solutions for each building in external wooden frames as well as in internal doors. Moreover, we have the capability of designing and manufacturing products adjusted to the special requirements of our customers, individuals, architects, interior designers, engineers.

Can wooden doors and windows be placed on beach houses?

WIND-DOORS products can! The placement of wooden frames with European specifications is the most advisable solution for buildings in coastal regions. Knowing the deterioration that is caused to the materials by extended saltiness and humidity, WIND-DOORS is in position to offer the most suitable timber-goods which are particularly durable in the discomfort of time, air and water. Combined with the European standards, as well as the timber's natural resistance against humidity and saltiness, it is an ideal solution for lifetime frames next to the sea.

What is the relation between price and quality?

WIND-DOORS with continuous investments in technology has accomplished important cost decreases by simultaneously maintaining its standard high quality. As a result, we are always on the side of the people who trust us, offering the ideal solution at the best price.

How could I have an estimate on windows and doors?

You can simply dispatch us the dimensions of openings via fax or email and we will come in contact with you in order to discuss the details and prepare an estimate for you.

Which are the regions you are active in?

WIND-DOORS can deliver in Greece (Central Greece Region, Macedonia, Thrace, Epirus, Peloponnese, Dodecanese, Cyclades, Sporades and Crete) as well as in Eastern Europe, Balkans and Cyprus. We offer a specialized placement-team and we also undertake the transportation of our products.

How could I have access to more information on your products?

Fill in our form of communication or you can address your inquiries to the telephone numbers of our factory or our subsidiary. Shortly a member of our specialized personnel will inform you on our continuously evolving products and will be willing to help you find the most suitable solution for you.

How could I come in contact with WIND-DOORS?

Simply you fill in the form of communication or the phone numbers of factory or our subsidiary and we will serve you the best way possible.