Timber is undoubtedly a live material which in WIND-DOORS is always treated with extra care and a sense of good taste. Our goal is nothing less than the highest quality possible which according to our long experience can only be achieved by systematic research concerning even the slightest detail about our products before they reach customer’s destination.

The products we use for the protection and treatment (water-based varnishes and dyes), protect the timber effectively while at the same time they strengthen its resistance against time and weather conditions.

The efficiency of our product line is guaranteed by at least 10 years with certificates of quality ISO 9001 (UNI EN 29001) from the International Organization of Quality certification TUV.

The organization of our company is an additional factor that ensures a high quality for our products:

We are in position to perfectly serve your needs at any time, with organized production line, continuous market research on new technologies, and briefing on new issues concerning application of materials.

Moreover, we are willing to make proposals on the product and space design or even on dealing with any constructional problems you might have, with respect to our customer's requirements. Our respected clients can rely on the continuous education of our personnel in all sectors and product development.